Breast Feeding Policy

Breastfeeding Welcome

The Find welcomes babies to be breastfed in any public area of these premises.

All our staff will support the needs and rights of mothers breastfeeding. If another customer/visitor objects to breastfeeding they should be told that the management supports breastfeeding. If the situation cannot be resolved readily, junior staff should refer customers/visitors to senior management.

Distributing and updating this policy annually is the responsibility of The Find management who will be glad to hear comments and reports of any incidents.

If a member of staff feels they need more guidance on this they should speak to a manager.


Make mothers and babies welcome.

Support the needs of our customers, visitors or clients and be more family friendly.

We will also ensure that staff are aware that:

Babies need feeding when they ask for it. Their stomachs are very small and breastmilk is digested very quickly.

Breastfeeding works best when mother and baby are both relaxed.

Hungry, upset babies will generally be helped to calm down and become quiet when breastfeeding. It is good for all our customers, visitors and clients.