The Team

We are a collective of likeminded people, committed to making our visitors feel utterly at ease when they visit the Find. 


David Orme

A fan of traditional values, David can also be enticed by shiny newfanglements. An epicurean and polymath, he has travelled widely around the globe – sometimes in style, at other times with a simple backpack. He has worked for big business, in design and horticulture, and brought up two daughters.

In establishing The Find, David’s passion for life’s pleasures – exceptional food, great company and memorable experiences – have all come together. David remains The Find’s driving force, leading a team of loyal and likeminded staff.



Loving The Find as a customer before she lived in Cheltenham, Megan started off as a post-uni front of house team member and has moved through the ranks now co-managing alongside Gino!

Fun Fact
I am a competitive runner hoping to represent England and Great Britain one day!


Bringing the spirit of Italy to The Find, Gino joined as a barista. He says the easy vibe at the café feels just like being at home. Of all the dishes on the menu, the smashed avocado is a firm favourite.

What do you love most about living in England?
The multiculturalism. I do miss the Italian weather and food though!


Jim appreciates that The Find provides a fun and friendly environment to work in and gives him a healthy work-life balance. As a fan of pastry and baking, with a strong interest in the arts – especially opera and theatre – he is a true Renaissance man!

Tell us something we might not know about you
I once travelled to Vienna just to go to the opera.