Access Policy

The Find welcomes people with disabilities and has developed the Access Statement to address some of the more common issues which disabled people may face. Recognition has been given
to include guests with an impairment, which could include: Mobility, Sight, Hearing, Learning Disabilities or any hidden impairment.

The Find aims to ensure that all employees, guests and others who use the coffee house are treated equally and according to their needs.

Dogs are only allowed in to the ground floor of the coffee house however we do allow guide, hearing and assistance dogs into all public areas of the coffee house.

Before arrival

The Find is located on Regent street and is fortunate to have on street parking for people with blue disability parking badges about 100 m from the front entrance. Parking for those with blue badges can also be found in the Regent Arcade car park directly behind the coffee house which also has lift access to street level.

Access to The Find

The Find is housed inside a beautiful Grade II listed former townhouse, which unfortunately does not have level access and it would not be possible to adapt the entrance to allow access for wheelchairs. However, we do have limited outdoor seating on the pavement and we are happy where possible to accommodate customers who are not able to access the building on these tables. For assistance prior to arrival please call us on 01242 575228

None of the toilets are wheelchair accessible as both have 2 steps down from ground floor.

Both ground floor toilets have DDL approved locks to allow easy locking and unlocking for those with limited strength in their hands.

Inside the downstairs right hand toilet can be found a baby changing table. The nearest toilets with disabled access are in the Regent Arcade behind The Find. It can be reached by turning left out of The Find and turning immediately left again on to Ormond Place.

Autism awareness

We understand that for some customers the noisy surroundings of a café are just too much. If we are given notice and have an unused room we are happy to make it available to those that need a little less stimulus. We are happy to offer table service so that there is no need to come to the counter in the ground floor coffee house to order. If possible call us in advance so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Gluten intolerance and Coeliac disease

We offer a separate gluten free menu which is available on request.


Many of our staff are bilingual, if we can translate we will!

Many of our staff are trained in first aid including the use of a defibrillator.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone wherever possible. If there is anything that you believe that we may be able to assist with please do call before your visit and we will try our best.