The Coffee House

Offering a haven from the outside world, The Find takes its inspiration from the coffee houses of 17th and 18th century England.

In the 17th century, the first English coffee house sprang up in Oxford, not far from Cheltenham. Attracting devotees of such diverse pursuits as gossip, political discourse, academic enquiry and the striking of deals, the coffee house was much more than a place for the consumption of the black and bitter drink, newly arrived from far-flung lands. Between the coffee house’s walls, traders, gentlemen, sailors and spies rubbed shoulders and found common ground.

Soon coffee houses began appearing in London and beyond. As meeting places, they contributed to the cultural life of England’s towns and cities. It is this important role played by the coffee house which inspired the birth of The Find. 

It’s our wish that The Find serves as a convener in our community; a place where everyone can come and linger a while, whether that’s over a superior cup of coffee or a long, lazy lunch.

coffee at the find today

Coffee is, of course, very important to us. As important as good conversation and great food. Our coffee is selected and expertly roasted by Peter James of the family-owned company James Gourmet Coffee, in Ross-on-Wye. Thanks to Peter’s relationships with small family growers, our coffee is of the highest grade. Not only that, the growers receive, sustainable payments for the beans – generally above Fairtrade prices. Although most growers cannot afford organic certification, Peter has determined that the vast majority of coffee he sources is, in reality, organic.

If you’re a fellow coffee aficionado, you’ll be fascinated to know that we grind our beans using premium Mahlkoenig grinders and make your drink with a splendid La Marzocca Linea PB Espresso machine. If all this means nothing to you, just be assured we’re using the best professional equipment to get these superior beans to your cup.

As a modern-day English coffee house, we have our own bespoke blend, Formula Find, It is a blend of a Brazilian natural, an Ethiopian natural, and a Burundi fully washed coffee. These wonderful coffees, combined with the skill of Peter James, create a fruity yet nutty and chocolatey drink that works well as an espresso and also offers complex yet subtle flavours when served with milk.

We run coffee masterclasses for groups, where you can learn how to create the perfect cup and test out your barista skills. They are great fun and an eye-opening experience!