Barista Masterclass

Let us tailor a masterclass for you, learn about coffee and start your journey to become a budding barista. If you are looking to learn a new skill, find out more abut making the most out of your machine at home, or even create a team building experience we can develop this with you!

Work with our team to make your course just what you are looking for. See below the different areas that we can cover together, whether you would like to learn it all or choose a few of the elements.

Find about the history and origins of coffee

Uncover the geography and significance of altitudes

Coffee bean harvesting and roasting

Discover taste notes through cupping

Realise the importance of the grinder, learn to calibrate and tamp

Understand how to use the coffee machine

Steaming milk and pouring the perfect coffee of your choice

Use an Aeropress, V60 or Chemex

Mix and shake your own Espresso Martini