The Whom

In order to provide the quite remarkable experience offered by THE FIND, we only engage people with remarkable abilities.

Whilst we do not insist on extra sensory or mind-reading powers (although useful), all staff share our zeal for serving superb artisan teas and coffees and excellent locally produced food, while making every customer feel utterly at ease.

We are pleased to introduce some of the individuals who make THE FIND what it is…

David Orme

Epicurean, polymathic and irrepressible, David is bestowed with a fascination for ‘almost anything’.

Artisan foods, drink, nature, travel, music and the arts, sport, adventure and, above all, the habits of people, are his enduring passions. He is known for his admiration of old-fashioned values together with the very latest newfanglements.

David has traversed the globe – sometimes in style but often only with a backpack and a questionable sense of direction. He has worked for big business, in design and in horticulture, and brought up two daughters.

It should not surprise us, therefore, to learn that David is the originator of THE FIND, a venture that allows him to combine his varied interests and share his enthusiasms with others who value life’s delightful strangeness.

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Claire Storey

Claire Storey

Perceptive and organised, Claire is the stylish author of THE FIND’s companion facility – THE WORKPLACE.

Combining the ability to encourage any project’s smooth progress while ensuring participants stay motivated and feel valued (employing quantities of cake and coffee as necessary), Claire is one of the select few charged with keeping David’s eclectic vision in focus.

Having travelled and trekked widely and explored some of the world’s farthest-flung places, her interests include photography, psychology, human biology, teaching and house-building – assuredly ideal qualifications for dealing with the multifaceted character of THE FIND.

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