The Find COVID-19 Secure

It is really important to is that you still fully enjoy your visit to The Find, but our first priority must be the wellbeing of our customers and our staff.

We are confident that we have put in place appropriate measures designed to ensure the safety of both customers and staff. In doing so, we have been rigorously adhered to Government guidelines and advice.

Updated October 2021

We have set out three sections:

What we are doing at The Find:

  • We have carried out a full risk assessment and appropriately mitigated against identified risks.
  • Bookings will be for 1-hour slots so, which whilst still allowing customers to enjoy a leisurely experience, ensures that new customers can be quickly seated.
  • Our host will greet you on arrival and look after you whilst you wait.
  • When your table is ready and it is safe to sit, you will be escorted to your table.
  • Hand sanitisers are available at reception, in the toilet, and around the café.
  • All tables, chairs and laminated menus will be fully cleaned and sanitised after use.
  • There will no queues for the toilets and all commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised frequently throughout the day.
  • A thorough deep clean of the café will be performed very night.
  • All employees’ temperatures will be checked each day upon arrival.

What we would please ask when you visit:

  • Whilst we look to minimise queuing, it will be inevitable at times.  We would ask you to be patient, maintain a social distance, and make the host’s job as easy as possible.
  • On entering the building, we would ask you to use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Whilst walking to your table, we ask you to follow any instructions from our staff, maintaining as much distance as possible between yourself and others.
  • Once sat at your table, we ask you to remain seated at all times and ensure that children remain seated.
  • Please do not reposition any tables or chairs.
  • Only one person should go to the toilets at a time.  If the toilet is engaged (clearly visible) then we would ask you to return to your table rather than queue.  A member of staff will be very happy to let you know when it is vacant.
  • If you need baby changing facilities, please inform a member of staff as you will need to use a different toilet downstairs which is reserved for this purpose.
  • We kindly ask you to amend your reservation if you are showing any symptoms. Please re-book with us once self-isolation has taken place.
  • And again, please observe social distancing at all times.

customers collecting TAKEAWAYS:

We will be continuing to offer takeaways from the café. We would ask these customers to:

  • Please let a member of staff know when you have arrived to collect your order and your drinks will be made fresh to order.
  • If waiting for food or drink, please wait at an appropriate distance or come back at the agreed time.  Our staff will clearly call your name and order when it is ready.