Our birth

We respectfully invite you to join our story as we prepare to launch our remarkable coffee house into the redoubtable waters of Cheltenham society…


While there is an embarrassment of tasks still to carry out, progress has been substantial over recent months. For instance, obtaining planning permission to convert our magnificent Regent Street building into suitable premises was a major step forward which elicited considerable (yet entirely proportionate) celebration.


The Bread

We were able to confirm our primary coffee roaster – the brilliantly talented Peter James of Ross-on-Wye who transforms beans into miniature containers of joyfulness.


The Bread

In addition, we are currently in discussion with several of the finest local artisan bakeries and dairies from which we will select our regular trusted suppliers.


Most heartening of all, we are about to embark on recruiting the unique people who will be working diligently with us over the coming months and years to bring our ambitious vision for The Find to fruition.


After 12 gruelling months spent seeking the perfect location for The Find, and keeping close company with estate agents, surveyors and lawyers (most of whom we found unnervingly agreeable), we are now accelerating into the more productive phase described in some quarters as ‘the fun stuff’.

For example, we are collaborating on the interior realm with the inspirational Kelly James of Shadowplay Design to bring you, our prospective patrons, ‘the coolest and comfiest coffee house in town’ – to adopt the preferred idiom of The Find’s millennial contingent.

In addition, we are fortunate to be working with the irrepressible Tash Willmore of Culpepper & Co to ensure that no facet of your experience, no matter how small, is left unconsidered.  I have never met any person with such an eye for detail or desire to share the very best of everything.


Further, we have engaged a most pleasant and industrious group of local contractors to undertake the great variety of tasks required to ready the building for its grand opening this autumn. This work is unavoidably messy, and so, if you should happen to peer through our window at 20 Regent Street over the coming weeks, please excuse any jarring visual effects and imagine (as we do) the delights that will soon follow.


Coffee beans and leaf

I fully realise that the following news may not resonate so powerfully with most readers as it does with me, but I find myself completely unable to repress the urge to share it with anyone even slightly prepared to listen.

In short, I have just ordered the espresso machine of my dreams, a La Marzocco Linea PB. I have also ordered a Mahlkonig EK43, the grinder that also makes frequent appearances in the same dreams – both machines floating on a bed of fluffy cloud and accompanied by the gentle chatter of coffee-drinking cherubs.

Some will opine that I have been far too extravagant and they may be correct. However, my motive as always is to ensure that the very best that our wonderful coffee has to offer finds its way into your cup, and I am confident that when you taste our coffee, you will begin to understand my excitement.


The Bread

One of the most advantageous benefits accruing from The Find’s independent status is that we have complete freedom to seek out the very finest local artisan produce. This enables us to provide you with greater variety and choice, and, importantly, the occasional palate-tickling surprise.

Much of our coffee will be supplied by the supremely-talented Peter James of Ross-on-Wye, but we will also endeavour to bring you other exceptional local coffees – including those curated by Cheltenham’s very own Scandinavian Coffee Pod. Fjords and coffee making unlikely yet entirely plausible companions.

We also intend to spoil you with a formidable choice of loose-leaf teas.  Once more, Peter James will be a prime supplier, offering a veritable array of tea delicacies including some exclusive types available from no one else. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to these refreshing and fragrant varieties.

Our independence allows us to bring you other teas too, including those kept by the wonderful Jeeves & Jericho in Witney under the passionate stewardship of founder Daniella Boyet-Franzese. We are also greatly impressed by the adventurous varieties and blends offered by Cheltenham’s own teasmiths, Born Wild Tea.

In summary, we can promise you the very best of local teas and coffees, not to mention local gins, wines, chocolate, bread, milk, beer, cheese, bacon, beef and much more. Most of all, however, we can promise you the very best of local welcomes.


Honey Bee
To keep fully informed of the most recent happenings, challenges and successes as we progress towards our Autumn opening, the best way to follow us is via our social media channels.